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Going to the London Olympics?


Quantum Product Support for Photographers covering the 2012 Olympic Games in London

The 2012 London Olympic Games will start with the opening ceremony on July 27, 2012 and thousands of photographers will be in London for this occasion. Quantum customers from all over the world will be in the UK to cover the games and all aspects of life surrounding the Olympics.

The UK & Ireland importer of Quantum products Flaghead Photographic Ltd have announced that extra support will be available to existing Quantum users and potential new ones.

The following central London based companies will carry extra stock of Quantum products for sale and rental:



The Flash Centre

For fast repair service, as well as rental & sales, contact:


For any inquiries on Quantum products, Rental and Services contact:

Hardy Haase

Flaghead Photographic Ltd
tel 01202 733 123

The QFlash CoPilot is coming…

CoPilot - for Canon or Nikon

The QFlash CoPilot
Your Flash Will Be Assimilated !!!

Your Flash Will Be Assimilated!!!

User-Friendly Wireless TTL Flash Controller
With Auto-Focus Assist

CoPilot ships to your dealers the week of June 11th
Estimated street price $216

Photographers can now trigger and quickly set ratios for three groups of radio controlled Qflash. Set lighting ratios on the fly, right from your camera. Simply turn three controls on the CoPilot to instantly adjust lighting ratios as you shoot.

Mix and match all the flashes you own. CoPilot controls remote Qflash TRIOs or T5dRs. And it commands any combination of non-Quantum flashes connected to a Quantum FreeXwire receiver. Click here for more information…

Portable? Yes It’s Portable.

Two Quantum Trio Flashes
Canon 5D Mark II @ ISO800
Canon 16-35mm II L @ 16mm
Exposure: 5sec, @ f/5

Shooting climbing is really exciting, but shooting ice climbing at night takes the excitement to a whole new level.

Before I even got to the spot, I figured it was going to be a difficult lighting situation, since I would be hanging off a rope about 40 feet above the ground on a frozen waterfall. I placed one Quantum Trio on the bottom of the waterfall, pointed upwards since I knew this would bring the ice texture out. I put another Trio in my backpack and after a 20 minute climb, found the perfect spot. Then I placed the second flash on camera. Thanks to the FreeXwire system I had full control over both flashes. I also took a tripod with me, and pushed it in to the ice as much as I could.

By using rear curtain sync, slow shutter speed, and a tripod, I was able to capture the lights in the background, freeze the climber, and get nice and crispy image!

Daniel Milchev