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There’re All Speaking Quantum

I am surprised at how often the “can a Trio work with both Canon and Nikon” question comes up. The short answer is no, but there is more to the story.

If you use both Canon & Nikon bodies you may be interested to know that the Quantum Trio, Pilot and CoPilot all “speak Quantum.”

When you choose a Trio, Pilot, or CoPilot you need to pick a Canon or Nikon version to match the body you will be shooting with. Your unit will interpret the Canon OR Nikon TTL data it receives through its hot shoe and then it will “speak Quantum” to any remote Qflash or Trio.

This gives you the flexibility to shoot with a dedicated Canon Trio, Pilot or CoPilot on your Canon camera and control a Nikon Trio remotely, or visa versa.


Going to the London Olympics?


Quantum Product Support for Photographers covering the 2012 Olympic Games in London

The 2012 London Olympic Games will start with the opening ceremony on July 27, 2012 and thousands of photographers will be in London for this occasion. Quantum customers from all over the world will be in the UK to cover the games and all aspects of life surrounding the Olympics.

The UK & Ireland importer of Quantum products Flaghead Photographic Ltd have announced that extra support will be available to existing Quantum users and potential new ones.

The following central London based companies will carry extra stock of Quantum products for sale and rental:



The Flash Centre

For fast repair service, as well as rental & sales, contact:


For any inquiries on Quantum products, Rental and Services contact:

Hardy Haase

Flaghead Photographic Ltd
tel 01202 733 123

The QFlash CoPilot is coming…

CoPilot - for Canon or Nikon

The QFlash CoPilot
Your Flash Will Be Assimilated !!!

Your Flash Will Be Assimilated!!!

User-Friendly Wireless TTL Flash Controller
With Auto-Focus Assist

CoPilot ships to your dealers the week of June 11th
Estimated street price $216

Photographers can now trigger and quickly set ratios for three groups of radio controlled Qflash. Set lighting ratios on the fly, right from your camera. Simply turn three controls on the CoPilot to instantly adjust lighting ratios as you shoot.

Mix and match all the flashes you own. CoPilot controls remote Qflash TRIOs or T5dRs. And it commands any combination of non-Quantum flashes connected to a Quantum FreeXwire receiver. Click here for more information…

Clay Blackmore – “How To Photograph Everyone”

Quantum is proud to be a sponsor of Clay Blackmore’s 30-city 2012 “How To Photograph Everyone” Tour. The tour kicked off Monday evening, March, 26 in San Diego and runs through June 11, visiting cities throughout the US.

Don’t settle for snapshots and flash-on-camera images – you need to know the techniques to set yourself apart from the crowd. HTPE brings portrait photography back to where it started, with all the tools you need to make timeless photographs that sell.

Clay will teach the following principles during the seminar:

Posing, Lighting, Lifting, and Refining – A live demonstration will take place with all participants looking through Clay’s lens as he creates elegant portraits on the stage.

Clay’s Flow Posing – Clay will demonstrate live how to create 10 portraits of a couple in five minutes.

“How to Photograph Everyone” - A descriptive analysis of how to make portraits of children, mother and child, maternity, men, women, high school seniors, business portraits, and small-to-medium groups.

The Perfect Portfolio – How to create an awe-inspiring portfolio that is sure to entice potential customers.

Weddings: Catering to the Modern Bride – Learn how to take photos that sell, and get your client to fall in love with the pictures before they even leave the wedding.

Big Portraits with Small Lights – Take cover! We’ll focus on working with scrims, reflectors, and window light to produce photographs that rival studio portraiture.

Post Production – Clay will show you several of his secret weapons for portrait retouching and enhancement.

DSLR Filmmaking Opportunities - Learn how Clay is bundling his photography with this new technology to increase his bottom line.

Don’t Just Survive—Learn to Thrive – Learn how to control the sale and increase profits.

Register using Quantum’s Discount and Save!
Registration is $69, but you can save $10 and pre-register for only $59 with promo code QNTMClick here to register for a program near you!.


Clay Blackmore, one of the most passionate professional photographers working today, is a true innovator in the world of portraiture and wedding photography.  One of only a few Canon Explorers of Light, Blackmore’s style blends the beauty and timelessness of classical portraiture with the spontaneity and appeal of photojournalism. His credentials were developed during his 25-year association with the legendary Monte Zucker as assistant, business partner, and co-educator. A celebrity and society favorite, Clay’s clients have included such luminaries as Larry King, Forrest Whitaker, Jenna Elfman, and Maria Sharapova. Renowned for his ability to photograph groups and cover events, Clay is consistently hired by corporate entities as diverse as the PGA and USGA and is a popular request for political inaugural balls.  In Clay’s groundbreaking work on Extraordinary Women:  Fantasies Revealed Clay photographically chronicles the dreams of 58 elite women, capturing intimate and energetic portraits of Madeline Albright, Dena Merrill, Joan Rivers, Cokie Roberts, and Dominique Dawes among others.  Blackmore is an active and contributing member of the elite Cameracraftsmen of America.

For more details about the upcoming How to Photograph Everyone Tour, visit:

Actually, I’ve Always Wanted to Direct

We have been producing our own series of “product support” videos. We noticed many basic questions coming up repeatedly on our customer support page at and thought that some short online videos would help answer them.

OmicronA couple of months ago our in-house creative talents set about the task.  We have a lot great equipment around the shop, including tripods, light stands, monitors, video capable DSLR cameras, and of course our own Omicron LED Ring Light.

With all the equipment ready to go the next step was to decide on a topic and script it. We turned to our Technical Support Specialists to find out specifically what people are asking. As it turns out Customer Support hears everything from “What’s In The Box” to “How Do I Set It Up for Remote”Omicron

Being novice film makers we started with a simple, “What’s I n The Box” for our Trio flash, followed by a couple of short “Trio Menu” walk through videos and finally the remote Trio set-up.

As our video collection grows we will be organizing them into albums designed to support particular products. The Trio album is complete now… unless someone decides to make a sequel.

Visit our Vimeo page to see our latest videos.

Omicron In The News…

PPMAG.comThe March 2012 issue of Professional Photographer includes a nice review of the Omicron Ring Light by TJ McDowell of Larissa Photography. PPA members can view the { Digital Edition } online.

TJ and his wife Larissa used the Omicron with a Trio & Turbo 3 battery on their half-day fashion shoot. There were three models in the studio with TJ & Larissa who captured both still and video images during the session. “To switch from flash to video mode is as easy as pushing the video button on the Trio… and then you can adjust the intensity knob on the Omicron.”

Larissa Photography  Visit the Larissa Photography site to see a fusion video of the Omicron in action. Looks like fun.