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  1. Yesterday I had to photograph about one hundred young swimmers at a local swim pool. I had planned to use studio lights but during setup was unable to locate an electrical outlet. The maintenance man said the closes electrical outlet was on the other side of the pool and he had to locate an extension long enough to make a connection. Swimmers were already starting to signup and distracting inquisitive parents were busily pacing about asking questions.

    Fortunately, I had a Quantum QF8N, Turbo3 and Turbo battery tucked in my bag. By the time the maintenance man found an extension long enough, I had photographed 80 swimmers. Experience has shown that during rapid session Speedlights overhead and shut down while the Quantum system keeps pumping and pumping. I wouldn’t have lost the job but my reputation as a prepared professional would’ve been tarnished. Thanks Quantum!

  2. I’ve been shooting with Quantum Radio Slaves since the late ’80s for quad-lighting at weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. In the mid-90s I migrated from Metz to the Q-Flash T series and haven’t looked back since! Now with the T-5dr and a series of FreeXwire-slaved T-3dr’s, I create portrait-style lighting for all my wedding and event candids. I couldn’t do this style of lighting on the fly without the TTL-capable FreeXwire system and the Canon T-series that interfaces so well with my Canons. I can’t imagine using one of the “new” systems from other manufacturers that simply copies what Quantum has delivered for decades.

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